Sunday, 17 June 2012

Module 1 - Checklist

All seems pretty straightforward as I've had an iPad for nearly 12 months, except for the 3 months between it being stolen and the insurance company replacing it. I am familiar with all the points in the basics checklist, so far so good.

Downloading Apple's iPad User Guide was a worthwhile endeavour as I'm always inclined to work things out as I go along. Reading the instructions first is a helpful tip! iBooks tools including how to change the appearance of pages including brightness - a great tip. Best tip though is highlighting text & adding notes to pages - old study habits can still be catered for.

As an aside - I have been using an iPad in my classroom with one of my students on learning support for a month or so. She enjoys using simple spelling app, however says she finds concentrating for more than 10 minutes to be too tiring for her. This is a reasonable response - just one I hadn't anticipated - hmmm... how to make adjustments for her. Even iPads aren't going to be the only answer in her personalised learning journey.

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