Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Module 3: Working with Apps

Finding content on iTunes is one of the first features you become familiar with when starting on an iPad. It's interesting to note how much free content is available - and much of it is really useful - although a little useless. Best discovery is iTunesU which a fellow teacher recommended to me before I commenced this course. Catholic Network Australia has beneficial material e.g. Cybersafety 2011 contains downloadable resources to support the main points within the topic. Most of the apps have not been reviewed as yet but this location provides a keyhole into Catholic education and will obviously grow over time. I'd like to follow up by doing more research into TextEdit as there is an app recommending its use with students with disabilities.

iLe@rn app Framework provides a sound structure to the use and selection of apps. Below is an example of how it is important to ensure that the apps we choose to use must be authentic to the outcomes and purpose of the content or skill. With such a wealth of apps available, it is going to be the responsibility of teachers to choose wisely and teach our students to do the same.

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